A family moves into a house that was built before 1960 and has never been remodeled except for the replacement of the living room carpeting and some fresh paint. Even if the place has been kept up very well, the new owners may want to replace some of the home’s other features, such as vinyl or linoleum floors in the kitchen and bathrooms. Tile Flooring in Longmont can bring the look of the house into the 21st Century.

Colors and Patterns

Tile Flooring in Longmont can have as much color and pattern as the owners would like. It doesn’t have to be a neutral color with a subtle design if bright, bold colors and patterns are preferred. However, if other features in the rooms will need to be considered carefully so as not to clash with the floors. Often, a bathroom remodeling project involves complete gutting of the room so space can be transformed.

A Distinct Change

Many features of an older home do not need to be torn out and replaced. Hardwood floors, for instance, almost always can be salvaged even if they are in rough shape. But, if the new owners want a distinct change in the look of certain rooms, replacing vinyl or linoleum is a fast and effective way to do so. Those older materials may have become somewhat discolored over the years, or they may have a design that would be considered garish in today’s world of interior design.

Work by Professionals

Removal of those kinds of flooring materials generally should be done by a professional in case any asbestos was included during manufacturing, which was common in the past. Professional contractors know how to safely remove the floors without dislodging any toxic substances.

Although laying tile can be completed as a do-it-yourself project, most homeowners prefer to have a contractor such as Aesthetic Flooring do this work. Otherwise, it’s time-consuming and can pose difficulties in corners and tight spaces. Precise measurements are crucial. Installing new tile must wait until any other floor features in the bathroom have been removed and replaced. Details on one particular contractor can be seen at Website. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.