Now you can accomplish vegetable transplanting quickly and efficiently. Farming has been waiting for a technology that allows automated weeding and cultivating. Finally, a product now on the market requires just one tractor operator, allowing 1-2 acres per hour, possibly solving the critical labor shortage.

What is the Smart Cultivator?

The Smart Cultivator is where cutting-edge vision technology meets artificial intelligence to eliminate weeds and cultivate the ground in one pass. Just some of the abilities of this technology include:

  • Self-tuning AI vision system
  • Quick seed line adjustments
  • Precision seed line tracking allows for tight machine to plant spacing
  • Automatic bed height control eliminates bed pressure
  • Settings for angle of attack adjustments to accommodate various soil conditions
  • And much, much more

Specifications for the Machine

Hook-up requires 1000 RPM PTO and a 3-point hitch. The specifications for the machine include:

  • PTO-driven hydraulic pump
  • No electrical or hydraulic connections to tractor
  • Machine systems are isolated from the tractor
  • And more

You will accomplish more for less, increasing your return on investment.

True Vision Technology

A proprietary camera system using cutting-edge software allows the Smart Cultivator to perform in a revolutionary way, including:

  • True plant identification
  • Deep learning-based neural network differentiates crops from weeds
  • Precision seed line tracking improves coverage by minimizing blade opening
  • And more

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