Cell phones have completely changed the way that we communicate. No more do we need to stand at attention by our phones at home patiently awaiting that important phone call. Now we can go just about anywhere and still be able to have a telephone conversation with someone. Since the cell phone first came out, there have been many advances in the world of the mobile phone. First we had text messaging, then we had mobile web, and then we had the first phone that finally did all of these things right, the iPhone. The iPhone revitalized the dormant smart phone market, taking the phones out of the office, and putting them in the hands of the every day consumer, and the result is the most popular cell phone in history.

The iPhone, since it’s introduction in 2007 has quickly become the most widely used and popular phone in the world. It doesen’t matter whether you are using the Iphone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5, the basic principal and idea behind the iPhone has always remained the same: offer a great technological experience, with an extremely user friendly interface. The iPhone offers everything you could want in terms of speed, power and technology. If you are a techy type of person and you are looking for the next best thing and the newest phone, the iPhone gives you what you want and then some. If you are looking to junp into smart phones for the first time, there is no better choice than an iPhone. With an extremely easy to use interface, the iPhone has maintained its legion of devoted users because of its reliable platform. The other types of smart phones may pride themselves on being open source, but the reliability of the iOS platform speaks for itself.

If you are in need of the hottest and latest piece of technology, or if you are just looking to purchase your very first smart phone, your best bet would be to purchase an Apple iPhone. The have the design and features to keep the hardcore tech crowd happy, with the user friendly interface that casual users need.

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