Is DPF Filter Cleaning Really That Important in Texas?

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Automotive

If you own one or an entire fleet of commercial diesel trucks, maintenance is one of your most important considerations. Diesel engines are very efficient and should last for hundreds of thousands of miles. However, to get the best service you need a good maintenance plan that includes regular DPF filter cleaning in Texas. Here are some reasons to keep this filter clean and in good condition.

What Does a Diesel Particulate Filtration Unit Do?

When a diesel engine burns fuel, it’s not burned one hundred percent. Over time, soot (carbon particles) gradually builds up in the exhaust system. While gasoline engines use catalytic converters to burn up unburned fuel particles in the exhaust, a DPF filters out particles under a finely developed system of filters. However, after many miles of operation, carbon particles build up inside the filter, and it needs a process called regeneration. Your diesel technician has equipment that can effectively burn all the carbon to ash. If the filter is damaged or completely clogged, it usually needs to be replaced.

The Importance of DPF Filter Cleaning in Texas

A clogged or semi-clogged filter may greatly affect engine performance. Your truck may have problems idling, and it might not have the power that it used to. This can be a big problem for most commercial vehicles.

A clogged DPF can reduce your fuel mileage considerably. If you put thousands of miles on your trucks each month, even a small drop in fuel economy can be very costly.


Your truck’s engine warranty could be voided if you fail to do proper maintenance like DPF filter cleaning in Texas. Your certified truck center offers service from authorized technicians that make sure your filter stays in good condition, and your factory warranty is valid for the entire warranty period.

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