Putting something under surveillance has connotations that do not appeal to many of us. Even in the dictionary, the word “surveillance” means close observation but carries the rider “especially of a suspected spy or criminal”. Hence, if we hear that we are to be put under surveillance, we are immediately concerned and want to invoke our “right to privacy”.

People living in the Pacific Northwest region might be alarmed to learn about the existence of Video Surveillance Seattle and its operation right on their doorstep. Logically, we should all be pleased to learn that the “Authorities” are keeping an eye on the “bad guys” and, if one has nothing to hide, why would one be annoyed at being watched? However, human nature dictates that we simply do not like it. Similarly, the phrase “it’s for your own good” annoys most of us.

Welcome Surveillance

If it hasn’t happened to us, we are all familiar with the scenario where a family has a child in their home who has some serious illness or disability; or an aged relative who may come to harm when left alone. There are many reasons why such a family cannot employ full time, live in care for their dependent but, what other choices are available?

One choice is to use the services of a professional security company like Video Surveillance Seattle; they will have plenty of experience in setting up CCTV cameras to watch over factories and businesses and this can be put to good use by placing cameras in the home so that a friendly eye can be kept on an occupant. Of course, for this to fully function, more than the hardware is required; someone has to be monitoring the video in real time. This is normally done at the security company’s monitoring centers.

24/7 monitoring is rarely needed so a schedule of viewing times has to be agreed between you and the provider. Additionally, in this electronic, wireless age, it is possible for you to program your smart phone or other internet enabled device so that you can call in and view the camera feed wherever you happen to be at whatever time you wish; not only to check the condition of your dependent but also for general security reasons.

Seattle based Video Surveillance Seattle cover the entire Pacific Northwest region with the Honeywell Total Connect®, remote video monitoring system. For a complimentary assessment on your requirements, inquire on line or call (800) 282-6998.