There are many different reasons why you may lose your right to drive in the state of Illinois. For instance, it could be suspended or revoked after a conviction for driving under the influence or because you failed to pay a fine. The good news is that you could be entitled to get your driving privileges back.

A Limited License May Be Available

Generally speaking, the law recognizes that you need access to transportation to get to work or school. It may also be necessary to have reliable transportation to get to meetings with a probation officer or a drug and alcohol counselor. Therefore, you may be allowed to obtain a limited license that allows you to take care of your basic needs until the revocation or suspension comes to an end.

Charges May Be Thrown Out or Reduced

Charges in a case could be reduced or thrown out entirely, which means that you may no longer be subject to a license suspension or revocation. An attorney may be able to help during any administrative hearings in Chicago that take place after charges are dropped or reduced. If you are still subject to a license suspension because of special circumstances, your attorney may advise you about other legal options that are available to you.

A Suspension May Occur Because of a Mistake

Administrative hearings in Chicago may be able to help overturn a license suspension or revocation that occurs because of an administrative error. For instance, the state may wrongly believe that you haven’t paid a series of parking tickets. In many cases, failing to pay parking tickets leads to a suspended license. Getting a mistake fixed could result in restoring your ability to operate a motor vehicle without restrictions.

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