Swimming pools are a bastion of refuge from the summer heat. While they provide relief from summer temperatures, they need to be maintained to continue providing that relief. These are some of the items checked during the maintenance of the pool.

One of the items checked during swimming pool maintenance in Broken Arrow, OK is the pool pump. The pump is primarily responsible for maintaining water circulation. The circulation of the water is a mechanism to clean the water and prevent it from sitting still for too long. Water that isn’t constantly moving will become a place where dangerous organisms can grow. It will also allow algae to grow which can ultimately cause damage to the concrete lining in the pool.

The filter system is also checked for proper flow of the water. The filters take out a lot of things that can get into the pool. A clogged filter system can cause problems with the pump since the flow to it is blocked. It can also create conditions in which swimming is not recommended. Cleaning out the filter on a regular basis is essential especially when the pool is seeing a high rate of usage due to an increase in pool parties.

The lining and tiling of the pool also have to be checked as part of the swimming pool maintenance in Broken Arrow, OK. While this is usually not an issue in newer pools, in an older pool the materials will degrade over time. Eventually, the lining will have to be replaced. Broken tiles will also need to be replaced. Since the lining of the pool is essential in containing the water, leakage in this system will create excessive water bills and can destroy the integrity of the pool. An inspection is also needed if there have been too many chemicals added to the pool.

These are some of the items checked during a routine maintenance of the pool. Regular maintenance will help to keep the swimming pool usable for the entire season. Visit Melone’s Pool Service for pool maintenance needs.