There is at least one thing that the citizens of Poulsbo can always count on and that is the unpredictable weather. An unexpected storm can wreak havoc on an aging or failing roof and there is little that can be done if the property owner does not realize that the roof has problems. An aging roof can develop a number of serious issues such as dried caulking around flashing and vents. If the roof is covered with asphalt shingles, then it could suffer faults such as cupping, curling or missing shingles. The best way to prevent a disaster is to have the roof inspected and maintained by reliable roofing contractors in Poulsbo Wa.

The roof inspection should cover a variety of areas and issues. For instance, the contractor needs to examine the quality of the roofing material. Asphalt shingles can dry out due to time and excessive solar exposure. The same is true for those roofs made using the BUR (built up roofing) system. BUR is a common method for protecting large buildings and is used on roofs that have a low slope, commonly known as a flat roof. This type of roofing is very budget friendly and one of the reasons that companies prefer it over other solutions is that BUR can usually be restored by adding additional layers over the existing material. There are, however, limitations such as how much weight the roof can support and whether too much asphalt will result in excessive pooling.

One reason to consider experienced roofing contractors in Poulsbo Wa is to ensure that the new roof will be the best solution for the building. People often become confused with the huge variety of composite shingles that are available and simply pick the cheapest one. This could be a problem later on because budget grade shingles tend to break down much sooner than most other kinds. A better solution might be laminated shingles. This kind of shingle has an additional layer of asphalt on the back side that makes them much more durable. Laminates also provide a different look for the roof because the sheets have their own tab style. If hail damage is a concern, then the option of class 4 shingles can help. This is the highest rated impact resistant shingle on the market.