Keeping Out Mice From Your Central Air Conditioning in Norton Shores

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Air Conditioning

Central heating and air conditioning make a house truly a home no matter what the weather is outside. However, mice have also discovered the advantages of making their homes in Central Air Conditioning in Norton Shores and elsewhere. Here are some tips on how to keep these rascally rodents away from your central air conditioning unit.

Get Your Air Conditioner Inspected Yearly

Sometimes mice can get into areas where it’s not obvious to see. By the time you realize that you have an infestation, it’s usually during a heat wave when air conditioner repair workers cannot easily fit you into their schedules. Prevent this from happening by making sure mice have not crept into your ducts or air conditioning unit. It’s best to get your air conditioner looked at in the spring before it starts getting hot.

Check The Outside of Your Home

Check at all the points outside of your home where utility pipes or wires enter your home. Are there any cracks or gaps? These need to be filled in and fixed right away before a mouse discovers them. Mice have very flexible skeletons which make it easy for them to creep into very narrow spaces.

Check the Outside Unit

Some mice prefer to just make a nest in your outside air conditioning unit rather than get inside your house. If you see any signs of gnawing or piles of droppings around your unit, call a Central Air Conditioning in Norton Shores professional at once. Other signs that a mouse is nesting in the unit include foul smells from your air vents, your air conditioner no longer works or if you see bees or wasps buzzing in and out of your AC unit. Bees and wasps are quick to take advantage of any holes made by rodents.

You See Mice In Your Neighborhood

Are there mice or rats in your yard? Have the neighbors recently complained of mice or has there been an exterminator treating someone near your property? Mice will quickly move from treated to untreated areas such as your air conditioning unit. Time to double-check for mice in your home.

Mice can cause many problems in a central air conditioning unit or a central heater. You can fight back. For more information on Expert guidance for your appliances.

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