A patio is a nice addition to your home, but it’s often more comfortable if there’s a cover so that the sun is blocked from shining right on you while you’re outside. Aside from the traditional umbrellas that you can get that come in numerous colors and designs, there are patio covers Sacramento stores sell that are a bit more detailed, some that can be installed to connect to your house. A small parasol is an option if your patio isn’t very large. It works well with tables that only have a few chairs as the cover won’t provide a lot of protection for a large area. Make sure the base of the parasol is secure so that it doesn’t topple over if it’s windy.

Get a little creative by using a sail as a patio cover. This also adds a decorative feature that can be seen by people who are in your back yard or by those who drive past your patio and see the sail. There are usually a variety of shapes to choose from as well as multiple colors and patterns, making it easy to change the sail when you want something different on the patio as they are easy to attach and remove.

An awning is an idea to consider as well. It can be installed over an entry door and is often a bit sturdier than an umbrella or a sail. Some of the patio covers Sacramento stores sell are made of wood. This design offers a charming appearance and can easily be customized with lights and other decorations. With the wooden design, you’ll usually see a minimal amount of light that seeps through the cracks, providing a natural look on the patio. However, you can also string outdoor lights along the edges for a fun or romantic glow in the evening.