key steps to successful stone wall installation in Minnesota

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The decision to install a stone wall represents most architects, designs, and private clients’ design statements and financial investments. Hence, it is unsurprising that they can be anxious to ensure the project is achieved. The project’s key is selecting the right kind of natural stone for the environment in which it will be utilized and then installing it perfectly to look its best for a long time.

Here are steps to successful stone wall installation in Alexandria, MN

Defining the Requirements

It is easy for you to get carried away with the look of a specific stone without being aware of the environment or function that it will be put to it. Before supplying the

wholesale stone suppliers in Willmar, MN, will consider stone CE certification, delivery time, and your budget.

Selection of Stone

It is important to see a range of samples representing the extremes of what will likely be delivered.


Before stone wall installation in Alexandria, MN, there are two aspects of preparation work. First, the stone itself should be prepared and then the substrate needs to be prepared properly.

Installation of Natural Stone

The process followed during stone wall installation includes laying the stone slabs and cleaning the stone with pH-neutral detergent, allowing them to dry fully, and then applying a second layer.

Sealing Natural Stones

Use a good quality seal to ensure the floor is cleaned and dry before applying the sealer.

Maintenance of the Natural Stone

The fundamental to successful natural stone maintenance is to utilize a cleaner that works well with the sealer.

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