Owners of public and private property have a duty of care when a person visits their property. They must exercise reasonable care that ensures protection from unreasonable risk of being harmed. If the opposite has happened to you, a premises liability attorney in Naples, FL, can help.

Owner Obligations to Property Conditions

Typically, owners must inspect their homes or buildings and make repairs to areas that can cause harm. If not, they must take adequate steps to warn visitors about the dangerous conditions.

Knowing about these conditions and failing to do something about it means they may be held liable. With this in mind, you should also know your rights and what to do after being injured in an accident.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

After an injury, you should seek medical attention immediately. Go to the hospital or doctor even if you do not have immediate pain. It could take weeks for an outward manifestation of symptoms.

Take Pictures of the Accident

Take photographs to capture the dangerous condition that caused your accident. Also, gather as much relevant information as possible. This includes names and contact information of potential witnesses.

File a Police Report

Although you may want to hire a premises liability attorney in Naples, FL, you should also file an incident or police report. Get a copy of the report soon after if not before leaving the premises.

Speak to an Attorney Before Signing over Your Rights

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