Sometimes, pregnancy isn’t what you planned for your life at the time that it occurs. An option available is to go to an abortion clinic in Jacksonville, FL, so that you can get the counseling that you might need along with a safe way to end the pregnancy if that is the decision that you make. Here are a few details about what to expect when you visit a clinic that offers these services.

Time in the Clinic

Your first appointment could take about an hour as you’ll talk to someone who will explain your options and how the procedure will be performed. Most procedures take less than 30 minutes to complete. You should plan on staying at the clinic for a short time after the procedure so that the medical staff can monitor your health before you leave.

Counseling Services

When you go to an abortion clinic in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll usually receive counseling about birth control, diseases that can be transmitted in a sexual manner, the options that you have aside from abortion, and if the procedure is one that you want to have performed. Someone will usually contact you after the procedure to find out about your mental and physical health.

Pain Control

During the procedure, you’ll usually be given pain medication to help with any cramps that you might experience or pain associated with the abortion. There are usually a few options for sedation during the procedure so that you are unaware of what is taking place.

If you have questions or have made the decision to have an abortion, then contact First Coast Women’s Services at for more information about how to proceed and what to expect.