Lake Mary Lifestyle Changes That Prevent Recurring Back Pain

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Pain Management

When youre suffering from back pain, its hard to do daily activities without discomfort.

Some people need back pain treatment in Lake Mary, FL that includes medication, injections, or possibly surgery to relieve this pain, but many find relief with a few minor lifestyle changes.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

When asking yourself Can lifestyle changes prevent recurring back pain?, managing your weight should be the first thing you think of. If youre overweight, youre more likely to experience discomfort. Those extra pounds shift your center of gravity forward, which strains your lower back muscles.


Being sedentary leads to poor posture, weak muscles, and lower back pain. Regular exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and helps balance the muscles in order to support your spine. Try doing 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises each day. In addition, you may want to try 2 to 3 strengthening sessions each week.

Rethink Your Workspace

If youre spending long hours in one position, you’re adding to your discomfort. Look for ergonomic options when it comes to your desk height, the right chair, and a proper keyboard. This promotes better posture. Break up long hours at the computer with 30 to 60 minutes of stretching or walking.

Can lifestyle changes prevent recurring back pain? Yes, and most of these changes are easy to do. Make sure to include them with your back pain treatment in Lake Mary, FL for the best results. Visit QC Kinetix (Lake Mary) to learn more. View Testimonials.

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