There are a lot of people that love to have a great looking yard. They mow and edge it regularly and try to get it to be as green and lush looking at possible. So, how do you get a beautiful green yard. You can either hire a professional landscaping firm to take care of it for you or you can have a nice talk with a professional landscaper to get advice on what you can do yourself to keep your lawn looking green. They will talk to you about the following:

* Weed Control

* Protection against lawn damaging insects

* Fertilization

* Having a “Healthy Lawn Analysis” done so you can plan your lawn’s particular needs

Lawn Fertilization Virginia Beach is important. The early fall is the most important time for the original fertilizing of your lawn. Fertilization is one of the most overlooked aspects of a person’s lawn appearance. If you fertilize properly you will have a good impact on the appearance of your lawn, if done wrong you can create a lot of problems.

Just how do I do Lawn Fertilization Virginia Beach? First you must pick a good quality fertilizer, then only apply the right amount at at the right time. Good quality nitrogen fertilizer will contain controlled release nitrogen. The amount of nitrogen to apply is about one pound of nitrogen for each 1,000 feet of lawn area.

What fertilizer is best to use? There is no one best fertilizer to buy, but there are quite a few good ones to choose from. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient to look for. There are fast-released and controlled-release nitrogens. The best way to know which is in the bag you buy is to check the list of ingredients. Terms to look for will include slowly-available, water-insoluble, controlled-release and fast-released nitrogen.

Some other questions you will want to ask include:

* Should I use a 10-10-10 fertilizer?

* Which is better organic or conventional fertilizers?

* Which is better a liquid or dry fertilizer?

* How much fertilizer is best to apply?

* Should I use a fertilizer with weed control?

These and other questions should be answered by your neighborhood Lawn Fertilization Virginia Beach professional, if you want the best looking yard. They can tell you what you can take care of on your own and what should be taken care of by professionals.