Learn About Auto Paint Damage and Repair With Auto Body Repair In Houston TX

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Automotive

You can get your car, van or SUV’s body panels and any other exterior parts repaired and painted with auto body repair Houston TX. Auto body repair involves treating the dents, scratches, glass repair, rust proofing and painting amongst many other body work fixes. Before taking your car for an auto body repair make sure that you select the body shop that fulfills your specific body repair need. Find out about the services they provide and any small repairs that you may be able to do yourself.

Rust Repair With Auto Body Repair In Houston TX

Rust is one of the common issues with older vehicles, and vehicles in harsh weather conditions. Inspect your car to assess the extent of the damage. Look for rust bubble on the exterior body apart from the red colored rust. The bubbles indicate that there is rust under the paint. While removing rust is best left to professionals, you can try some repair work yourself if the damaged area is contained within four inches in diameter. To remove the rust, use a sanding disc with 100 grit sandpaper. Sand the affected and a little bit of the surrounding area. After the rust removal, continue sanding with finer grit sand paper. Use a tack cloth to remove and clean the area of any debris.

Use tape and newspaper to block the other areas and then use at least 3-4 light coats of self etching primer. Apply paint after the primer is dried which is at least after 24 hours. Wash and wax as a last step for the complete finished effect.

Fix An Auto Paint Crack Using An Auto Body Repair In Houston TX

Paint cracking can be usually seen in 5-6 years old car and is mostly visible on the top panel that is exposed directly to the sun and other weather elements. The UV rays of the sun expedite the beak down and cracking of the auto body paint. The initial process of developing cracks is slow and gradual but then it spreads quickly. If left untreated you will have to deal with a much bigger paint problem. Sometimes the cracking of the paint can look like paint fading but this should be checked by the auto body repair in Houston TX as cracking is a serious problem and if left unchecked it will cause the metal below to rust.

The only way to treat cracking and to ensure that it doesn’t return is to strip down the affected area to the metal and re-paint it.

Fix the Paint Gloss with Auto Body Repair in Houston TX

With weather a natural loss of gloss is expected or the use of strong chemical cleaners and detergents can also impact the gloss finish on the car. Use special pads and polishes with a rotating buffer machine and refinish the car gloss. If the paint is cracked or shipped, you will need to repaint and refinish the surface.

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