If you have trees in your yard, then you need to learn the signs of common diseases and the tree care in Spokane Valley, WA, that is necessary when you spot them.

One possible disease is Swiss needle cast. Homeowners are most likely to notice that Douglas firs have this disease in the spring when the tree will look like it is dying from the bottom up. This disease caused by the Nothophaeocryptopus gaeumannii. fungus gives needles on the tree a yellowish tint. There may be a purple band on the branch below dead needles. If you think you have found this disease on your trees, then a fungicide should be applied in early spring, followed by a second and third applications in two-week intervals. You should use the fungicide three times each spring for the next three years.

Sudden Oak Death is a disease that even seasoned tree care in Spokane Valley, WA, professionals shudder when they find. Despite its name, it has been found on over 100 species of trees. The first thing that homeowners may notice is that leaves on the tree are dying in clumps. A close examination of the tree may reveal cankers forming on the tree’s trunk.

Using a phosphite-compound fungicide may help to stop disease spread. Homeowners should mix organic nutrients around the tree’s roots to make sure it is getting plenty of nutrients.

If you think you spot either of these diseases on your trees, then you need professional care for your trees in Spokane Valley, WA.