When looking for drain cleaning services in Ann Arbor, MI, it can be frustrating to think that maybe you could have prevented the clog from forming in the first place. To understand what causes clogged drains, it is helpful to look at each type of drain in your home, then think about the things that normally go down that drain.

Kitchen Sinks

When a kitchen sink develops a clog, it is probably caused by food scraps. Starches like pasta and rice swell when soaking in water. If enough starchy food is poured down the drain, it can swell up and block the pipes. Excessive amounts of grease, oil, and butter can also cause blockages. When hot, these fats are liquid. But when poured into a drain, they quickly cool and solidify. Those solid chunks pack together, blocking the drain.

Avoid dumping food down the kitchen sink. If you have a garbage disposal, run it often to break up any stray bits of food from dishes. Always run your disposal with cold water to solidify and break up fats.

Shower Drains

When showering, we lose flakes of skin and strands of hair. Over time, soap scum can build up, and hard water can leave mineral deposits. All these factors can cause showers to drain more slowly and eventually clog.

The best way to prevent a clogged shower drain is to place a fine mesh trap over it. This will keep hair from entering the drain. Be sure to clean the trap regularly.


Toilets clog when things get flushed that don’t belong in the commode. Feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, and cotton pads or swabs should not be flushed.

Preventing a clogged toilet is as easy as being mindful of what you flush. Only human waste and toilet tissue should go down the commode.

What to Do When You Have a Clog

Eventually, all drains will need to be cleaned because soap scum and other material builds up over time. When that happens, it might be time to call one of the drain cleaning services in Ann Arbor to come and take a look.