After losing a couple of teeth, there is the need to decide what to do about that gap. One approach is to do nothing and live with the open space. That will mean learning to chew on the other side of the mouth. There is the possibility of investing in dental implants, but the insurance will not cover the bulk of the cost. A third way to go is to be fitted with a Dental Bridge in Lumberton TX. Here is what to expect once the bridge is in place.

Something Feels Funny

It’s not unusual for a dental bridge to be adhered to the teeth on each side of the gap. While the methods vary, the patient is likely to feel as if there is something foreign in the mouth for a week or so. This is especially true if the gum is still healing from the extractions. While things will feel funny for a short time, rest assured that the sensation will pass.

Learning to Chew Again

If those now extracted teeth were in poor condition, the patient was likely in the habit of chewing on the opposite side. Even drinking was a little more complicated, since cold beverages triggered a lot of pain. As the gum heals, the patient will notice that a sip of an iced drink or a bit of food that happens to get in the area of the bridge does not cause waves of pain. Thanks to this advantage, the patient will get back into the habit of chewing on both sides again.

Figuring Out the Dental Hygiene Routine

Some people are now sure what to do when it comes to cleaning a Dental Bridge in Lumberton TX. Since is is adhered to the health teeth on each side, removing it like a partial denture is not an option. Fortunately, cleaning a fixed bridge is not difficult. Most of the process will be just like brushing natural teeth. The dentist will provide some simple guidelines that won’t take long to master.

If the time is coming to part ways with a bad tooth or two, click here for more information about dental bridges. After talking the option over with a dental professional, the patient may decide a bridge is the way to go.