A criminal charge related to a car accident puts your freedom and livelihood at risk. You need a car accident lawyer San Antonio to protect your rights under Texas law. When you are facing charges related to a car accident, you may be at risk of a suspended or revoked driver’s license. You may face jail or prison time and hefty fees. In this type of situation, you need legal representation in order to defend yourself from these charges.

If the car accident resulted in the injury of another person, your charges could be even more serious. You could be facing several years of loss of freedom if you are found guilty by a jury of your peers or the judge of your case. The revocation of your driver’s license could last for a long time even after your release from incarceration. When your job requires you to drive, you could also lose your ability to maintain employment. These long-term effects are a big part of why you need a lawyer working on your behalf.

During a consultation with us, we review your case and the charges against you. We may take a look at witness statements, supporting evidence, injury claims, property damage claims and medical tests such as blood alcohol content. We work on your behalf in order to ensure that your rights are protected and your questions are answered.

When you are charged with causing a car accident, you need the representation provided by our car accident lawyer San Antonio. Our criminal defense attorney is prepared to meet with you for a consultation about your case. Give us at the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez a call today in order to schedule an appointment or visit us for additional information about our legal services.