Live Where You Play: Maui Condo and Homes for Sale

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Real Estate

If you want a daily injection of adrenaline with your morning coffee, chances are you have considered moving to Hawaii. The Pacific chain of islands is an idyllic blend of work, play, and lazy days. If you are looking for Maui condos and homes for sale and daily adventuring is what you are seeking, here are three Maui Cities for the adventurer in you. These towns are perfect relocation spots with prime real estate for the most intrepid individuals and their families.

Choosing from the Maui condos and homes for sale in these cities and the surrounding areas will not only be a great financial investment, but they will allow you to spend your days living the adventurous life you always dreamed of!

Kahului, Maui

Kahului, Maui is a port city that acts as a hub for the Island of Maui. This town and its surrounding neighborhoods are not only teeming with great condo and home listings, but they are also close to Mount Haleakala, the hiker and biker summit. Tourists trek in buses overnight to watch the heavenly sunrise over the crater at the peak of Mount Haleakala, but if you are a world-class hiker, this mountain is a daily challenge that you would love to take on. Hikers can drive into the national park at the lower summit and climb to the top, but beware the narrow paths and roadways. The fog on chillier nights provides an additional challenge, should you dare to make the trek.

Paia, Maui

This tiny little town has less to offer in the way of Maui condos and homes for sale, but there are gems to be found if you really look. Part of this town is an old missionary’s village, so the streets have a quaint, whitewashed feel to them. Small town vibe aside, this town is great for the avid surfers out there. The beaches off the coast of Paia get some of the best waves on the northern side of the island. Be sure to hit the waves in the early morning when they are at their highest peaks. But beware the high-speed winds!

Lahaina, Maui

If scuba diving and snorkeling float your boat, take a look at the condos and homes for sale in Lahaina. This little beach town boasts some of the most beautiful waters in the world, bringing thousands of tourists to the area annually. Many snorkelers flock to Turtle Reef for underwater shots of some of the most gorgeous aquatic wildlife imaginable. The nearby Molokini crater is an ancient submerged volcanic crater that is perfect for scuba divers of any experience level. The especially avid ferry out to Lanai Island for out of this world encounters with hammerhead sharks!

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