Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting lonelier. Companion care is a type of companionship and support system offered to those senior citizens who still want to live independently and who are generally healthy. Though companion care can be used for emotional support, a reliable companion care service can also be used for housekeeping help and assistance with day-to-day living activities such as grocery shopping, medical reminders, and other tasks.

Benefits of Companion Care

Reliable companion care can help improve the quality of life for senior citizens. First, companion care offers companionship. Having friendships that a senior citizen can be actively involved in can help him or her express fears, concerns, and joys and understand that he or she has someone to share those experiences with. This can help seniors from feeling loneliness.

Companion care also offers elderly men and women someone to rely on. It can be scary to have set doctors’ appointments or plans to grocery shop only to have them fall through because they don’t have a car. A companion can help to regularly take the elderly on shopping trips and to doctors’ appointments so they don’t need to worry.

A companion can help a senior citizen feel valued and improve his or her quality of life. Additionally, it can encourage the will to live, especially if he or she was already suffering from health issues or depression, which sometimes comes with old age. Companionship can help a senior citizen feel valued and live a meaningful life.

What Services Can Companions Provide?

Companions can provide a number of services but the most common are medication reminders, assistance in cleaning, meal preparation, planning social activities, exercising, and even entertaining.

We know how important it is to feel valued, loved, and appreciated. Let a companion help you or a loved family member to make the most of his or her life with reliable companion care in Glen Head. If this is something important to you, contact The Regency Assisted Living at 516-674-3007. You can follow them on Twitter for more news and updates!