Looking For A Company That Builds Decks in Hershey

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Home Improvement Services

Looking For A Company That Builds Decks in HersheyA deck used to be a square box built onto the back of your home. Today, it can be so much more. There are so many new ideas about building decks, you can practically have an outdoor room. But, the first priority is deciding the budget for the project. The material and size of the deck determines much of the cost. If you watch home shows, decks have built in furniture like benches and planters. Often, people build Decks Hershey and then screen it in. They can use the deck all year round. Frequently, people build high decks. High decks require stairs and guard rails. However, high decks are the best way to sit and enjoy the view. Deck lighting is another popular feature being added.

If you’re looking to build a good solid Decks Hershey, cedar, redwood and southern yellow pine are the most popular woods. Composite decking is a good alternative to wood. Composite decking looks like wood and comes in a variety of colors. A deck made out of a composite material requires less upkeep than a wooden one.

Sometimes people build elaborate Decks Hershey, thinking it will add value to their home. That’s not always the case. You should ask a realtor, what resale value would your house have with the added deck. The next step is finding a reliable contractor. Ask friends, neighbors and colleagues for recommendations. Look at some of the work completed by the contractor. If someone recommends a contractor, ask them, did they complete the job within budget? Another good question is how did the contractor handle setbacks and glitches? All estimates should be in writing and include the work to be done, including a sketch of the project, the quantity and types of materials to be used, the time frame and a firm price. Of course, the contractor should be licensed and have insurance.

A beautiful deck is an incentive to go outside and relax. However, safety is the most important factor. There are news stories about people having parties and their deck collapsing. Make sure your deck is as sturdy as possible. Ask the contractor, what’s a safe number of people to have on the deck, at one time.

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