Looking for a Confidence Boost? – Visit your Dentist

by | Feb 20, 2012 | Health And Fitness

If you are suffering from low confidence due to oral problems like bad breath (halitosis), tooth decay and missing teeth, visit your dentist for measures to restore your oral health and confidence. Some of the most common treatments that are usually sought at the dentist are cleaning and whitening treatments. Although a dental office is usually associated with restorative treatments and treatment for oral diseases, the dentist frequently offers cosmetic treatments for smile enhancement and smile makeover that can dramatically improve your appearance.

Cosmetic treatments can include such whitening techniques as Zoom, Lumalite and other methods for fast and effective in-office whitening. State of the art treatments like Lumacool use L.E.D. (Light emitting Diode) technology for safe and cool whitening. Lumalite is a bleaching treatment that requires only 24 minutes to provide effective and powerful results.

Discolored, misaligned and damaged teeth detract from your overall appearance. Restorative treatments like veneers and caps are very effective in improving your smile and can result in dramatic improvement to your looks. Treatment from a trained cosmetic dentist can greatly enhance your smile, giving you the improved appearance you had always aspired to have. Porcelain veneers are custom made shells made of tooth colored material. They are bonded onto the surface of chipped or discolored teeth to give a more even appearance. The custom made shells are designed to alter the length, size, shape and color of the original teeth. Veneers conceal gaps and resist staining. Porcelain veneers offer better stain resistance than veneers made of resin composites. Your dentist would offer the best advice about what treatment is suitable for you.

To enjoy a good quality of life you must practice regular oral hygiene. Taking care of your oral health helps you achieve good overall health. Practicing a regular cleaning and flossing regimen, using fluoridated toothpaste, switching to a low-sugar diet, cutting down on carbonated soda and beverages containing tannin (tea, coffee and red wine) and eating more calcium rich foods will help to preserve the health of your oral cavity.

Some foods stain the teeth more than others. Tea, coffee and red wine are known to stain teeth. Sugary foods help in the growth of plaque and promote tooth decay. Long term use of some antibiotics is also known to be responsible for staining and discoloration that even bleaching cannot remove. For more information on how to preserve oral health, consult with your dentist. Manahawkin residents can find cosmetic remedies to improve their smile from local dentists offering the latest techniques.

Dentist Manahawkin – If you are looking for a dentist, Manahawkin based Manahawkin Family Dental provides cosmetic procedures for smile enhancement, whitening, veneers and much more.

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