Your home is only as stable as the foundation it sits on and that foundation is only as good as the ground underneath it. In most cases, there is little concern in these matters because contractors and developers take the time they need to ensure their buildings are created on a stable bedding. Unfortunately, nature has other plans, and often the underlying foundation can change due to excess water from rain or shifting water tables. Even the runoff from the rain shedding off your home or business can cause problems that require specialist in Drainage Repair Mississippi to fix them properly.

Drainage from the home will always be a problem, but when the excess water is routed properly it won’t collect around the foundation and erode the soils which your home is built upon. In most cases, the damage isn’t even noticeable until the water has been building up for months or even years. Once it begins to accumulate under the foundation the weight of the building causes everything to shift which places even more stress on the home and puts more weight on the soft and wet soils underneath it.

This vicious cycle continues until something changes like the homeowner realizing the building has shifted and contacts a company like Ewing & Ray Foundation Services Inc. who specializes in foundation failures. Of course, fixing the shifting foundation is only one portion of the problem and not always the most difficult. In some cases, determining why the soils allowed the home to slide can be more problematic than the actual repair. There are many reasons for water accumulation that can cause the soil to liquefy including broken plumbing around the building, shifting subterranean water sources and even excessive rain storms.

However, not all foundation damage is due to water problems. Some foundation disasters are the result of sloppy craftsmanship during the construction of the building and others are could be a matter of bad materials such as weak concrete. Diagnosing these problems takes an educated professional who has experience in the failure of structural foundations. Likewise, repairing these problems is just as demanding and in many cases the repairs also require some creative thinking on the contractors part to ensure the problem doesn’t return.