The military forces need specialized monitors and displays that provide sufficient visibility during dark conditions without compromising on discreteness. For this reason, NVIS displays (night vision imaging systems) are used and are integrated with a touchscreen for convenience. However, these displays are quite sensitive, which is why proper maintenance is needed to increase their lifespan.

Proper Covering

It is suggested to disconnect the display unit when it’s not in use. However, if it’s not possible to disconnect the display unit, you must cover it properly. You need to ensure that sunlight is not hitting the NVIS displays directly. As far as the covering is concerned, use a waterproof cover made from nonabrasive materials, such as tarps.

Disconnect the Power

The electronic components connected to the display unit can stimulate unnecessary currents, which can result in battery drainage or sparking. For this reason, you must disconnect the power when the display unit is not in use. Also, always pack and store the cables in waterproof packs to avoid corrosion.

Use Shields

The shields are important to protect the NVIS displays from dust, water, and strong winds. For this purpose, it is suggested to invest in a customized shield. Moreover, you can use a sunshade or attachable roof to protect the display unit from sunlight and other environmental elements.

Regular Cleaning and Inspection

These display units can be easily cleaned with the help of a commercial-grade LCD cleaner. In addition to cleaning the display, it is important to inspect the connections and cables and replace them if they show signs of damage or corrosion. For more information, please visit Insync Peripherals Corp.