Making the Most of Home Masonry Services in Norwalk, CT

by | May 23, 2016 | Landscaping

The house and grounds look fine, but adding some architectural details would make the place much better. That’s where talking with a representative from one of the local Masonry Services in Norwalk CT will make a difference. Here are some of the projects that call for seeking the expertise provided by these local services.

Restoring a Fireplace and Chimney

One of the goals for the newly purchased home is to restore the fireplaces and the chimneys. Along with adding charm to the house, those working fireplaces will serve as a source of heat when the power goes out. An expert from one of the local Masonry Services in Norwalk CT can inspect each fireplace and chimney and determine what is necessary to make them functional once again. As soon as a plan of action is agreed upon, that same professional can ensure the restoration is done properly.

Repairing Brick Patios and Paths

Part of the charm of the grounds is the way a previous owner used bricks to create a patio area and pathways leading into the yard. Over the years, those spaces have not been maintained properly. The new owner would like to restore them to their former glory and, maybe, add another path or two. A professional can take a look at the brick and determine what needs to be done in the way of cleaning, replacing and, in general, making the spaces look their best.

Adding Retaining Walls

There are a couple of spots around the grounds where adding retaining walls would make it easier to use those spaces. A professional can help the client determine what type of masonry would blend in with the house design and the elements currently making up the landscape. In the best case scenario, it will not take long to handle any excavation required and have those retaining walls in place.

When the goal is to restore or add elements to the home and the grounds, call the team at Giglio Landscaping Services today. They can take a look at what the owner has in mind, determine what can be done, and offer solutions for the client to consider. Once the arrangements are settled, the work can get underway quickly.

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