Even in a warm part of the country such as Fort Worth, home-owners want to have heating systems for the winter months. Although temperatures commonly climb into the 90s and even higher during the summer, the average temperature in January is in the 30s and 40s. The winter of 2014 bashed the Fort Worth area with some of the harshest temperatures residents had experienced in a long time. Thus, an energy-efficient natural gas furnace is an option many families choose to have installed by an HVAC Company in this area.

A natural gas furnace provides consistent warmth throughout the house and doesn’t require the effort that a wood stove does. About all the home-owner has to do is program the thermostat or set it manually and change the air filter now and then.

Of course, annual maintenance, inspections, and cleaning services by a qualified technician also is important to make sure there aren’t any impending problems and to keep the system running at top effectiveness. Nobody wants the furnace breaking down on a day when arctic air is blasting all the way down through Texas, leaving ice on trees and causing people to wish they had bought a heavier pair of driving gloves.

It’s true that a furnace air filter in this part of Texas might not get as much of a workout as one in Maine, Minnesota, or Montana. However, the home-owner must remember that if the house has central air, that filter works with the air conditioning unit as well.

An HVAC Company technician would recommend that one of the home’s residents take a look at the filter once a month and see whether it looks dirty enough to replace it. Checking and replacing the filter takes only a few minutes, but many people tend to put off the task. A dirty filter forces a furnace and central air system to work harder and can eventually shorten the life of these appliances.

A technician from a company such as Blue Star Heating & Air would be happy to answer any questions a home-owner has about keeping the natural gas furnace and the central air conditioning running as efficiently as possible. Detailed information is available at Bluestar-ac.com.

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