Marriage Counseling in Englewood, CO: Learning to Communicate and Reconnect

by | May 28, 2024 | Marriage Or Relationship Counselor

Spouses who truly love each other may still develop problems getting along and issues with frequent arguments. They don’t want to split up, but they also don’t want to continue the contentiousness. Marriage counseling in Englewood, CO may be an effective strategy for guiding this couple to better communication and improved compatibility.


During sessions of couples counseling in Englewood, CO, the clients can discuss their problems in a safe space. The therapist alerts the two when they begin acting judgmental or retaliating against something the other said. Each person now has a place where they can voice their emotions and opinions without being ignored.


Sometimes couples feel they are growing apart and don’t know how to reconnect. This is another issue that can be resolved during marriage counseling in Englewood, CO. Many people become so focused on other areas of their life that this relationship is neglected. They work full-time, raise children, pursue separate hobbies and may even visit family overnight without the spouse. It’s helpful to remember what brought them together originally and rediscover mutual interests.

Time Together

Spending time together doing fun and rewarding activities is crucial for maintaining a positive relationship. During couples counseling in Englewood, CO, the two can create a plan for this. It doesn’t have to involve an expensive restaurant or spending more money than they should on babysitting. Instead, it could be something as simple as sitting in the kitchen conversing for half an hour after the kids are asleep.

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