Trees protect from the sun and give shelter to many forms of wildlife. They are a beneficial part of the environment since they improve air quality by producing oxygen during photosynthesis. When used in the outdoor landscape design, trees can add beauty that is unmatched by other types of plants. For the most part, trees are self-sufficient, however as they age they will need Mature Tree Pruning in Westport CT to keep them healthy and strong.

Caring For Trees

Young trees require extra water to develop a strong root system. Once they have grown significantly in height, they should be trimmed to remove low hanging limbs and limbs that may be diseased or damaged. Mature Tree Pruning in Westport CT is important for keeping a tree healthy and should be done in a way that allows a tree to remain visually appealing.

Each Cut Matters

Pruning a tree requires knowing what to remove and what to leave as is. The goal is for a tree to look as natural as possible or have a formal look when the trimming has been completed. Shaping and removing excess branches can give new life to an older tree while making it healthier at the same time.

When a Tree is Sick

While trees can withstand many forces of nature they can be vulnerable, too. Trees can catch diseases such as fungal decay or bacterial and viral infections. When a tree is ill, it should be treated right away since waiting too long may cause a tree to wither and die. Some signs to watch out for are weak branches, leaf problems such as holes and spots, mold or mildew growing on the trunk or around the base, leaning branches, or anything else that looks out of character.

Trees can enhance the appearance of any landscape while providing shade at the same time. Nurturing their growth by adding organic nutrients to the soil around them can help them to build a strong root system that will keep the trees upright and securely in place. While trees don’t require much from us to grow, they may need to be checked out by a professional tree service when problems arise, or when pruning becomes necessary. For information regarding tree services, Request a Consultation Today.