For many years, most people shopped for medium-duty trucks and assumed that diesel engines were the best choices. In fact, this is still the case for some companies, but if you check out some of the latest Isuzu or Hino trucks in Texas, you’ll see some excellent vehicles with gasoline engines too. Is this the right choice for you? Let’s take a closer look and see.

Reasons to go with Diesel Engines

Do your trucks have extra equipment powered by the truck’s engine? If so, your trucks may need to sit for long periods idling. Long periods of idling are easier on diesel motors, and they’ll get better fuel economy. Gasoline engines are not designed to sit and idle for a long time, and this can cause maintenance problems.

Do your trucks tow heavy equipment in Texas? If your company trucks need to pull large trailers with backhoes, commercial generators, or other equipment, you’ll get better performance from diesel Isuzu or Hino trucks because they have greater torque than their gasoline counterparts.

Are you going to upfit your trucks with heavy equipment like cranes? If so, you’re better off with diesel engines because they hold up better. In fact, if you plan to work your trucks hard, diesel is usually the right choice.


Would you like to save from three to four thousand dollars on each truck? Gasoline powered Isuzu or Hino trucks in Texas are usually cheaper. Gasoline engines make sense if your trucks make a lot of deliveries in the city. That’s why local moving companies and appliance stores often choose gasoline.

Bottom Line

‘Diesel gets better fuel economy and can last almost twice as long as a standard gasoline engine. How hard your trucks work and what kind of driving you do, will determine your final choice.