Metering Pump – A Controlled Way to Inject Fluid in the System

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Metering pumps are used to inject various type of fluids into any system in a very controlled manner. The very first metering pump dates back to 1930, with a plunger mechanism and used a crank and piston to adjust the flowrate of the pump. This mechanism though simple, had a major disadvantage of leakage, as the piston was in direct contact with the fluid to be pumped, especially with corrosive fluid or fluid with lot of suspended particle.

The leakage problem was solved 20 years later, by introducing hydraulic diaphragm pumps. In these pumps, the piston was separated from the fluid with the help of diaphragm, which divided the pump into two chambers. The piston would use a hydraulic oil to flex the diaphragm, this in turn would displace the fluid in and out of the system. The material of diaphragm was such that, it was leak proof and could be made of non-corrosive material.

During the late 1970 solenoid technology was introduced to metering pump. The diaphragm was flexed with the help of magnetic coil. This pump was cheaper than its predecessor, as it had less moving parts. But this pump had major disadvantage of reduced accuracy, since it could only be run at high speed. But over the years improvement in motor technologies like digital flow meter and controllers, accuracy and regulating strokes with precision has eliminated the flaws once they had.

OBL’s Blackline M series pumps are available in only mechanical diaphragm with spring return mechanism, eccentric shaft and thrust ring. These pumps has a unique combination of plunger pumps with sealing advantage of a diaphragm pump. The M series pumps have a min flow rate of 7

LPH and maximum flow rate of 520 LPH with pressure of 4 to 12 bar.

Some of the key features of the blackline series includes:

  1. These pumps have black anodizing aluminium casing
  2. They are simple and robust spring return mechanical diaphragm pump
  3. Their cost is low, due to reduced number of components
  4. They are suitable for batching operation
  5. These pumps require low maintenance cost
  6. Single for low flow rates and multiple option are available for higher flow rates

The backline series pumps finds its major application in moderate hazardous environment like, Boilers (water quality control), Chemical industries, mining, cooling towers, water treatment plants and pulp and paper industries.

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