There are so many excellent Mexican restaurants in Connecticut now. Some Mexican restaurants specialize in regional cuisine, for example, dishes from Michoacan or moles from Oaxaca. Some restaurants make almost all of their dishes from scratch. But most use a Mexican Food Distribution company in Connecticut to get ingredients and pre-made items that have been cooked using traditional ingredients.

For many restaurants, a distribution service can help by supplying ingredients on a regular basis from a trusted source. They can count on consistency: these products will have the same flavor and high quality in every batch.

Some “traditional” Mexican recipe ingredients were not really a big part of Mexican cuisine until relatively recently. For example, cheeses like Queso Blanco and Panela have not been used for very long. It’s hard for us to imagine what enchiladas and quesadillas would be like without them.

Today’s Mexican cooking has been influenced over many years by the culinary traditions of Spain and to some extent the rest of Europe. Mexico has had immigrants from Lebanon, Israel, and Syria over the years. Tacos al pastor, or shepherd-style tacos, and tacos Arabe came into Mexican cuisine via Lebanese immigrants, who originally used lamb for the spit-roasted meat. Nowadays both dishes are usually made with pork.

Here are some ways that a distribution company’s products can be used by a chef:

Six-inch blue corn tortillas, in packs of 120, for making delicious corn chips.

Adobo seasoning, with or without pepper, for flavorful vegetable, meat and fish dishes.

Frozen Goya Yucca for making tasty fried yucca with salsa appetizer

Air-dried Jamaica flowers for adding to drinks such as agua fresca or tea

Goya frozen plantains (platanos), ready to be fried for a classic side dish

Jarritos soda in flavors like jamaica, grapefruit, and watermelon.

Whole canned Cosecha tomatillos to use for making savory green sauce.

A distribution wholesaler can offer good prices on items like sauces, rice, tortillas, masas, and posole. They can also supply equipment like tortilla frying baskets, takeout packaging, and glassware. A Mexican Food Distribution Connecticut company can really be a one-stop center for keeping a Mexican restaurant well supplied and running smoothly.

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