Monster Energy Executives Support Sports Figures

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Business

One of the leading industries most energy drink companies focus on is sports. This is because athletes have a high need for energy and are more likely to turn to these drinks to help fuel their performance on and off the field. This is why Monster Energy executives strive to provide the support the sports industry needs, providing sponsorships of specific athletes, as well as for certain sporting events, including motorcross competitions.

The WMX Series

Perhaps one of the highest profile sporting events for women, the WMX series has captured the attention of Monster Energy executives, particularly the stellar performances by champion Kiara Fontanesi. For the sixth time in a row, Fontanesi recently finished in first place, maintaining her crown in the world of women’s motorcross. Five of those wins were achieved in the final round, earning her the reputation of staging come from behind victories to keep her crown securely in place.

Support for Many Other Sports

Motorcross isn’t the only sport Monster Energy executives have shown an interest in. In fact, Monster Energy is a great choice for athletes across a variety of sports to help them gain the energy they need to perform their best. For instance, the energy drink company has provided their support for athletes and teams in skateboarding, skiing, surfing, MMA, professional bull riding and more. They provide the same level of support for male and female athletes, helping them gain the competitive edge and keep their energy levels up safely and effectively.

When many people think of Monster Energy, they think of the sports industry, particularly motorsports. As the company has grown, they have expanded to cover many other areas, allowing them to provide for the needs of even more athletes.

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