One of the most beloved traditions of the United States mountain regions is the idea of the proverbial moonshiner. “Coal Miner’s Daughter” ignited the imagination of a generation when one of the white lightning rebels of the tale summed up the predicament of the hollow as a matter of having three tough choices: “coal mine, moonshine, or movin’ on down the line.” While there may have been some truth to that in relatively recent history, the lore of Thunder Road is much more appealing than just a history lesson might be. Moonshine apparel helps to share the humor, wit, and legend of the romantic pioneer lifestyle.

With designs to complement both the rugged stylings of your very own mountain man or the sleek silhouette of your ultra-hot Daisy Duke, you can feel comfortable buying something for yourself and passing one on to a friend. Maybe you prefer a quality cotton tee shirt that features a refreshing mason jar filled to the brim with moonshine or another that suggests that great times can be had with or without the proper attire and a shot of the mountain’s best? Whatever your personal style, you are sure to appreciate the earthy tones and humor of these popular tee shirts.

In addition to the normal options in moonshine apparel, you can pick up a few extras that are worth writing home about. From caps to coozies, you can keep your head low and your drinks cold as you imagine yourself running moonshine from here to Eastaboga. It is not even necessary for you to completely familiarize yourself with the great Appalachian or Smoky Mountains for you to give your message for support of the very roots that made moonshiners into household names and NASCAR into the most beloved tradition in much of the country.

It could be that your friends are not ready to indulge in a burning shot of true moonshine with you just yet. Chances are good, though, that they would be as happy to try moonshine apparel for themselves as you are.