Most Common Tenant Complaints Heard By Your Property Manager

by | Aug 22, 2013 | Real Estate

Disputes are common among landlords and tenants.  If you have hired a property manager Melbourne professional to take on the day-to-day tasks in your rental units, they may hear complaints now that need to be addressed promptly.  Understanding these complaints can help prevent these common problems in the future.  Learn about the most common complaints heard by property management companies and how they should be resolved.

Unanswered Repair Orders
There is nothing more frustrating for a tenant then to put in a work order only to have it ignored.  Whether it is the electric, plumbing, or other problem, all tenant issues should be addressed in a prompt manner to avoid hard feelings between the two parties.  By finding a high quality property management company, you can avoid many of these common unanswered repair orders that are more common among inferior property managers.

Failure to Refund Security Deposits
Tenants get angry when their security deposits are withheld, especially if the reason does not coexist with the lease agreements.  A quality property manager Melbourne professional will know how to handle the refund of security deposits in a fair way.  It is important not to overcharge for natural wear and tear of the rental unit and to only deduct actual damages from the security deposit.  All of this information should be clearly stated in the lease.

Lack of Response to Complaints
Tenants usually complain for good reason, and when their complaints are ignored, it can cause a plethora of problems to follow.  It is the responsibility of your property manager to maintain a good relationship with the tenants and to address any problems in a timely fashion.  A quality property management company will respond to all tenant complaints and do their best to fix the problem to ensure all tenants are satisfied.

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