If you have a project requiring sheet metal fabrication in Orange County CA, then you already know how important it is to hire the right company for your specific project and budget. You may also be curious about what type of sheets are commonly used in the fabrication process. Here are some of the most common:

*Steel plate cold-rolled, or SPCC: This is primarily used for electro-plating. It is one of the least expensive materials and is usually 3.2 mm thick. It is also one of the easiest materials to work with.

*Hot rolled steel, or SHCC: Usually more than 3.0 mm in thickness, and is mainly used for electro plating and treated with spraying. It can be difficult to work with and is used primarily for flat parts. It is also inexpensive.

*Electro or Galvanized steel, or SECC/SGCC: The Former includes N and P type and is usually without any surface treatment; the latter is mostly for spraying parts. These are more expensive options.

*Copper plate: Primarily used for electricity conducting and is surface treated with nickel or chrome plating. Sometimes done without any finish, and is one of the more expensive options.

*Aluminum plate: Typically, this is treated with chromate and has a silver or nickel plating. This option can also be quite expensive.

*Aluminum extrusion: This material is widely used in all kinds of different electronic equipment and the surface can be treated the same as aluminum plates are.

*Stainless steel: These are never surface treated and are among the most expensive sheet metal fabrication option.

The type of metal used in your project will depend greatly on the type of project (what it will be used for) and your budget. Some materials are more durable than others, and some shouldn’t be exposed to inclement conditions over a long period of time. Your sheet metal fabrication in Orange County CA specialist can advise you on which material would be best for your project.