College is an exciting time for all students, especially those living in their own apartments off-campus. Getting accustomed to this transition can be particularly challenging if you’re just moving from your parents’ home or from living in a dorm.

If you’ve recently made the transition to living off-campus, keep the following three tips in mind:

Prepare to Take on New Responsibilities

The first transition you should prepare yourself for when moving off-campus is to take on the responsibilities of living alone. In addition to staying on top of the rent, cooking, and cleaning, it’s essential that you learn how to manage your social life and academic requirements as well.

Consider Rooming With a Friend

Another important step to consider when moving into LSU off campus housing is whether or not you will live alone. Consider saving money and splitting your rental costs by moving in with a roommate.

As you review your potential roommates, make sure to analyze their lifestyle habits, sleeping schedules, and level of cleanliness. Remember, breaking a lease to escape a bad roommate is difficult. Be prepared to live with whoever you get an apartment with for as long as the lease requires.

Always Read Your Lease

When moving off-campus, make sure to read your lease very carefully before signing. While each lease may seem straightforward, there are certain details that all renters should consider when looking for LSU off campus housing.

Be sure to learn when your lease is up, rules for subletting, as well as information about security deposits, rental costs, utilities, and maintenance fees.

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