Do you ever wonder why some children seem to thrive and others appear to falter by the wayside? While it is true that individuals are born with varying levels of ability, it also true that a positive environment and age-appropriate early childhood experiences can go a long way in helping a child to thrive and develop. When parents are investigating daycare centers in South Riding for their children, considering all aspects of the centers’ programs can help to assure that their children will be given every opportunity to thrive socially, intellectually, and physically.

One of the most important things to look for when touring daycare centers is the presence of multisensory activities. That is, a child needs more than just being exposed to various topics, opportunities, and curricula. A child needs to be encouraged on various levels and through as many senses as possible to fully engage with the particular subject matter at hand. Reading a book about rocks to a child is good. Giving the child the opportunity to hold, feel, and manipulate rocks of varying textures is better. It is a difference between exposure to, and participation in, learning and developmental opportunities. Like most adults, most children learn by doing – in a variety of situations – not just by being told about something.

When a child learns in a multisensory environment, the child is given the opportunity to integrate knowledge through sight, sound, touch, movement, and even smell and taste. This multisensory approach enables the knowledge to become incorporated into the child’s very being, causing it to “stick” better than when it is experienced only through sight or sound alone. Daycare centers that incorporate multisensory activities throughout their curricula are not merely providing entertaining activities for the children in the South Riding area, they are actually enabling those same children to learn in a way that they will remember.

If you are trying to decide which of the daycare centers in your area would be best for your child, look for those that implicitly acknowledge that children learn through their senses. If you are touring centers, stop and watch activities in the classrooms. Does there seem to be an appreciation of the fact that children learn in a variety of ways and through all of their senses? Do activities engage the children or are they merely passive recipients?

Your child is a unique and wonderful individual who deserves the opportunity to thrive in whichever of the daycare centers in South Riding that you should happen to choose. Searching for a center that embraces all learning styles by supplying multisensory activities is well worth the effort involved since it will give your child the best opportunity to flourish and develop.

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