If you have always wanted a cooler patio, deck, outdoor living space or pool area you may have considered the installation of a misting system. However, in talking to friends, family and perhaps contractors or plumbers you possibly heard a lot of potentially negative comments that made you stop and reconsider.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of the differences available in these amazing cooling systems. If the information provided is for one of the older systems or a system running with standard water pressure rather than a pump it is inaccurate and incorrect.

To help homeowners get the facts on a new misting system, here are some of the most common myths you will hear and the truth about the new, highly effective cooling options.

Myth 1: The Dampness Factor

There are no dampness issues with a well-designed, quality type of misting system. These systems use a pump to increase the water pressure through the lines and nozzles, creating very small water droplets of less than 5 microns in size that literally evaporate immediately.

This produces a cooling factor that can result in a temperature drop of up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in temperatures over 80 degrees and low humidity. Even with cooler temperatures and higher humidity, there will still be a noticeable drop in temperature. At the same time and since the water is immediately evaporated there is no increase in relative humidity, leaving you feeling comfortable, cool and dry.

Myth 2: The Cost Factor

The cost of installing a misting system on a residential patio, outdoor living area, pool deck, gazebo or any other outdoor area is not a high-cost process. The system will last for years and years of use and will provide days of outdoor time in the hot summer months that would not be possible without the system. For a typical homeowner with some basic do-it-yourself skills, it is possible to complete the installation on your own, making it a very low-cost option.

Additionally, all the electricity that the system uses is for operating the pump. It will be less power than required for most outdoor fans and it will provide significantly more cooling ability.

Myth 3: The Maintenance Factor

Choosing a system that has cleanable nozzles and is designed to allow for easy draining before the winter months eliminates virtually all maintenance for the system. To make it very less work a filter can be installed before or immediately after the pump to remove any minerals or contaminants in the water, limiting any possible issues with clogging of nozzles.

These systems are definitely going to add to the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Research and find a company specializing in misting systems for residential and commercial properties and then choose the right system for your needs.