There are many benefits that can be reaped from going to an adolescent therapy center Roseville. Therapy helps teens with the challenging issues that they are facing. However, many teens never get the therapy that they need because there are a lot of misconceptions about it. There are many myths about therapy that need to be debunked.

Myth: Therapy is Just for People Who Have Serious Issues

Fact: Anyone can benefit from therapy. Many people who go through therapy have serious issues, but you can benefit even if you do not have a serious problem. In many cases, small problems can be resolved before they turn into big ones.

Myth: You Will Spend a lot of Time Talking About Your Childhood in Therapy

Fact: You will have to talk about your childhood in therapy. There may be issues in your childhood that are still affecting you today. However, there are several other things that will be discussed during treatment.

Myth: Therapists are all About Positivity

Fact: Many people think that all therapists do tell people good things such as “You are good enough” and “You are smart enough.” Therapists do encourage their clients. However, they also challenge them. That is why many people can find it difficult to go through therapy at times.

Myth: Therapists are Paid Friends

Fact: Many people wonder why you would need to go to therapy if you have friends. However, therapists are not paid friends. They are trained to look at things objectively. They can provide you with support like a friend would, but there is a lot more to therapy than that.

Therapists will help you set goals. They will also use evidence-based treatments.

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