IThe very nature of how auto accidents occur can cause neck injuries. The impact of a head-on or rear-end collision pushes the body away from the head and snaps the neck back and forth in a rapid motion. This force applied to the head in an auto accident may cause a severe flexion and extension of the neck commonly referred to as “whiplash.” This condition is extremely painful and healing requires more than pain medications and muscle relaxers. A spinal injury requires a chiropractor to help reverse the ongoing effects of an auto injury.

The Pain of Whiplash

The neck muscles that support the head are injured by the rapid “snapping” motion and create significant pain in the soft tissues and the muscle spasms that occur on movement. The spasms of these muscles pull the spine of the neck out of alignment and create even more problems that involve the nerves and ligaments. Your chiropractor can re-align these structures back into place with special techniques that quickly decrease pain in the soft tissues and muscles.

The Expertise of the Chiropractor

The neck takes a long time to heal due to the frequent motion and strain of supporting the head. The chiropractor can speed healing by slowly moving the soft tissue back into place and relieving the pain on movement. Neck Pain Treatment Strongsville Oh requires the manipulation of the vertebrae and the release of toxins that accumulate on trigger points of the neck spine. The chiropractor restores the natural movement or “joint play” of the stiffened spine by gently moving it in the direction that is restricted.

The Healing Process: Auto Injury Strongsville Oh

In conjunction with modalities that relax or stimulate the surrounding muscles, your chiropractor will relieve painful neck spasms and restore normal function. By skillfully stretching the muscles and applying pressure points to the spine, the doctor will restore alignment and prevent further strain and injury to the neck structures. He may incorporate heat, massage and other forms of palliative care that increase circulation and promote healing.

The Vicious Cycle of Whiplash

Neck Injury Strongsville Oh requires the holistic and hands-on approach of the chiropractor to stop the cycle of whiplash pain and misalignment. The speedy recovery of neck injuries includes the expertise to restore the structures of the neck spine to normal and alleviate spasms and pain. Contact Pure Physio