Bison is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality horse trailers that have been one of the most popular brands since they began in business over thirty years ago. Throughout their history, they have continuously added to their product lines and kept their prices affordable while still maintaining their level of quality. When shopping for Bison Horse Trailers in Des Moines consumers should be prepared to make many choices in order to find the trailer that best fits their needs.

These trailers come with a secured area for carrying horses as well as beautiful living conditions for those transporting them. The living quarters in these trailers are as elegant and comfortable as any RV, with kitchenettes, bathrooms and more. The most elegant offer high-end finishes including solid wood cabinets and floors and leather furnishings.

You can choose trailers with the traditional steel frame or the more recently added aluminum frame. Both are made to be durable, with the aluminum offering a more lightweight trailer. The steel frame is heavy-duty in its design and provides a durable cage to protect its cargo like no other trailer can.

Additional features in Bison Horse Trailers in Des Moines include padded gates for horse safety, LED lighting inside and a hitch lighting for when you need to hookup the trailer after dark. Appearance matters too and these trailers are known for their aluminum exteriors and rear doors, exceptional graphics and quality trim.

Finally, these trailers are also regularly given high ranks for their ease in towing. They are traditionally very easy to pull and typically move smoothly and stay straight providing a comfortable ride for the horses and those in the vehicle pulling the trailer.

Known as a good deal even when purchased new, these trailers are even more affordable when pre-owned. Since they are so durable, most used models are as reliable as anything new. You can find a large inventory of used trailers at Imperial RV Center. If Bison is not the brand for you, they generally carry other brands as well, with an inventory that is always changing. In addition, they also offer parts and service for all of the brands they sell.