When people think of condos, they think of grand luxury at every turn. Many New York City luxury condos offer many great amenities that would cost a lot of reproduce in a house and even some that may be almost impossible.

One kind of luxury offered by many condos is a pool area. This area is a common area for anyone in the condo to use. Some condominiums will allow private time to use the pool, made possible by a sign-up sheet or something similar. Many condos also offer some type of sauna, which is also usually a common place for everyone to use. This can actually be quite enjoyable and an easy way to meet your neighbors and others in the condo.

Another luxury offered by many condos is a great fitness area, with state of the art equipment. This can be very beneficial if you are a fitness buff or just want to feel a little better about yourself. If your condo also offers a sauna and pool, you can sweat out even more calories and then take a nice, cool dip in the pool.

Other types of luxuries your condo may have includes fireplaces, party rooms, patios for barbecues and laundry facilities, along with concierge services.

Many condos have built-in fireplaces, which is perfect for those chilly nights or romantic evenings. This type of item could be perfect in New York City luxury condos, because it can be quite chilly in the winter months. However, this type of luxury requires some responsibility so consider your options. Many condos offer units with and without the fireplace option for those who don’t want the hassle of a fireplace.

Party rooms are also very common in many New York City luxury condos. These rooms are fully equipped for meals or drinks and in some cases, you may be able to hire people to man those stations for more fun and relaxation.

Laundry facilities are also usually included, along with concierge services. In some condos, you can take your laundry down to the facilities and have it done, but they usually also offer coin-operating machines for your benefit. Concierge services are also provided in most condos. These people are usually considered doorkeepers or porters and can help you hail taxis and help you carry things to your home. Contact 35 Hudson Yards.