There are some times that you plan on travelling with your dog only to find that the hotel does not allow them nor does the rental car. What to do?

Many Cincinnati pet resorts have an airport pick up and drop off service that will pick your dog up once you land and then drop them right back at the airport in time for your departing flight.  This service takes care of all of those “what if” questions that you may have regarding the obstacles in your way. Often it is possible for you to visit your dog and take them for walks, allowing you to enjoy the time with your dog between meetings. It also allows your kids to play with the dog between dog-free activities.

There are many hotels that partner with specific pet resorts here in Cincinnati that will arrange pick-ups and drop-offs of your pets to the hotel or other area of your choosing.

As long as the flight remains domestic, there is often very little paperwork that is needed. You will need to ensure your veterinarian has given them a check-up recently, that all their shots are up-to-date, and that you have notified the airline ahead of time. All of these things are necessary regardless of whether the dog is flying with you or by themselves. They will also need an airline-approved kennel; it is important to double check with the airline which kennels they require as each airline may differ slightly. The standard requirements for kennel size are that your dog must be able to sit without their head touching the top and be able to turn around and lay down comfortably. Often food and water are not to be offered although it may be a good idea to have a water dish available in the off chance that the flight is delayed.

While not an option for everyone, the pet resorts in Cincinnati OH does offer an alternative to leaving your dog at home for the duration of your vacation or business trip.  And with pick-up and drop-off services, enjoying your vacation with your dog has never been easier! You can also connect them on Facebook.