Not every deal is as good as it looks, as a matter of fact, most deals are not as good as they look. If you are stickler for disclosure and you like to know what you are getting into before you ever get into it, then some dealers may leave you a little perplexed at their deals. Before you decide to buy a polaris sportsman in Daytona FL there are a few things you should consider.

Ask These Questions

You can get a buy a polaris sportsman in Daytona FL without paying hidden fees! You may be wondering what that means because “hidden fees” are not typically advertised. For some people, it is quite surprising to learn that the deal is not exactly what they expected. This is how most people think about buying a Polaris Sportsman:

1. Go to the dealership find the model
2. Make a choice
3. Finance or write the check for the sticker price
4. Pick up your Polaris

This is how it typically goes at many dealerships; you must add that extra fee to the sticker price before you can pick up the Polaris. The additional fees can be charged for freight, setup and the surprising dealer fees. Many people make the mistake of just forking over the money mindlessly because they are not aware that those hidden fees are not necessary.

At Holeshot we never charge dealer fees, freight fees or setup fees, we just think that is part of the services that we provide. We want to sell you your next Polaris Sportsmen and we want to save you on those hidden fees by not ever charging them! When you want a great deal that is transparent than you want to learn more about us and what we have to offer!