Ask most anyone and they’ll say that aging is a downright hassle. Whereas the body used to be able to withstand whatever was thrown at it, getting older majorly shifts that youthful, invincible perspective. Feeling older isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, however, a lot of people loathe looking the part. Anti-aging will undoubtedly be the craze of the future and tremendous strides continue in the face and non-surgical neck lift procedures.

Unfortunately, no one can slow down time – pushing pause on the aging process. More hard-earned dollars are chasing new, innovative, painless ways to keep up with appearances. And while the general focus has long been on the asymmetry of the face structure, many are starting to pay closer attention to eliminating the odd shaping of the neck that comes with time.

A non-surgical neck lift begins with the simple and quick neck muscle injection with the object of tightening or pulling the skin back like shrink wrapping. Then, a radio frequency device gets deep into skin tissue, stimulating collagen production through heatwaves. Collagen is where skin derives its fullness, a sign that cells are healthy. Mother nature ordained the incremental loss of moisture and skin quality; however, the noninvasive process looks to restore what has been lost. To top things off, blood platelet-rich plasma is reintroduced to stimulate the patient’s own stem cell activity.

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