Nursery Décor Should Reflect Love and a No-Rules Approach

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Shopping

The nursery décor should reflect two things: parental love and colorful excitement. The baby’s room is a haven, a nest, a play room, and a bedroom rolled into one. The good news is that decorating a nursery is a no-rules project because children like patterns and colors. Parents can let their imagination run wild to create a room that encourages imagination in their infant who soon becomes a toddler.

The real fun in decorating a nursery is that anything goes, as long as it is child appropriate, of course. The colors, wallpaper, patters, and accessories can be as artistic and imaginative as desired. In fact, some of the most original nursery décor ideas have come from parents who did not worry about convention and tried to create a room that reflected love and excitement. Children like whimsical, colorful patterns, so go ahead and mix-and-match patterns, designs, and colors to your heart’s content.

Eclectic Mix  of Happiness

Though some parents prefer the trendy, modern and simple nursery décor, some like to use lots of color. It is a difference between white and pale pastel colors or white and chocolate brown versus a rainbow of colors. It is all a matter of preference, but those who like the more colorful styles create a nursery that is baby and toddler friendly in many ways.

Colors, colors and more colors is the theme of some nurseries because color inspires children. Nursery decorating can begin with wallpaper or paint. First you need to decide if you want to wallpaper the whole room or do wallpapering and painting. Another popular option is to add strips of wallpaper where the ceiling and wall meet to act as trim. The key to successful wallpapering is to not cut corners and make sure the wall is properly prepared before applying the wallpaper.

The myriad of wallpaper designs make nursery decorating a snap. Wall accessories can be added to either walls that have been wallpapered or painted. For example, add a personalized wall hanging or the baby’s name in colorful wood letters. The personalized knob wooden wall rack can be used to hand infant essentials first, and then used to teach a child about hanging up clothes to be neat and tidy. There are growth charts and wall tiles and door name signs that add a personal touch to a colorful room.

Nursery Theme Guides the Color

The theme chosen for the nursery often guides the choice of nursery décor accessories. For example, there are nautical or sports themes often chosen for boys and gardens and princesses for girls. However, there is no stereotyping required. If you have a little female athlete in the making, then you can choose accessories that are sports themed like a baseball bat plaque with the infant girl’s name personalized on it.

Crayon type colors are popular for nursery décor because they are vivid and easy for young children to identify. Basic colors like green, yellow, red, and blue are mixed and matched to create colorful peg racks, wall shelves, step stools, wall art, and much more.

A nursery can be decorated in simple white, but many parents prefer a burst of color. Whatever you choose for the nursery décor, there are accent pieces available to match. Decorating a nursery is a labor of love with a rule that there are no rules.

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