Custom orthotics may be the solution to many issues when your foot or back is the cause of pain. What is orthotics? Here’s the answer. It’s a field of treatment that uses an apparatus to correct muscle or skeleton problems.

Benefits of Orthotics

When the foot is involved, the orthotic fits inside the shoe. Using it may ease heel pain, bunion pain, Achilles pain or lower back pain. It may also help in treating flat feet.

An orthotic may also make bones that are out of alignment straighter. While you can buy shoe inserts at pharmacies and retail stores, custom orthotics are more effective.

Factors in Fitting Orthotics

These handmade products fit your feet specifically. The maker will want to know if you will wear them in a sneaker, low-heel shoe, high-heel shoe or another type of shoe.

The process to create this product also considers your height, weight and other factors. This leads to an ideal fit. The custom orthotics cost is higher than for store-bought inserts. Some businesses cut the cost by shipping the form to you to avoid multiple trips.

You make the impression of your foot yourself. After receiving it, the business returns the finished product to you. Many people will not be concerned about the custom orthotics cost because the maker’s precise handmade process leads to an ideal fit.

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