A lush green lawn is the envy of many homeowners. They pass by their neighbors yard and wish that they too could have that beautiful grass to compliment their home. They have tried seeding but it only leads to frustration as it takes time and care before results can begin to be seen – and often it fails to yield the desired lawn. There is hope for the homeowner. They can turn to Sodding in Wichita KS. When laying sod, the yard will be a beautiful green carpet within hours. The roots take hold within several days and the lawn is ready for all outdoor activities in just weeks. That will never happen with seeding. Sodding in Wichita KS is just what a homeowner needs.

A lovely carpet of grass is aesthetically pleasing. It not only increases the property value to the home but also adds curb appeal for passersby. Sodding in Wichita KS provides comfort for play and outdoor activities. It is proven to be cooler than asphalt and dirt. It also is better for the environment and means less dirt tracked into the home. There is also the added benefit of noise reduction. Yes, laying sod is a great idea for any property owner.

There are many types of sod on the market. A professional sod farmer can assist the homeowner with the type of grass that is best for the home’s location, size and use. They can also set you up with a routine maintenance package. It is a good idea to have the lawn fertilized by a professional to keep it at its best. Other than that, basic care is all the new lawn will require. When securing the services of Sodding in Wichita KS, look for someone with a great reputation who sells a quality product and wants the best for the property owner. Having a beautiful lawn is much easier than trying to seed. It takes a much shorter amount of time for great results. So don’t struggle with seeding, watering, re-seeding and the long wait. Call a sod farmer today to get that luscious lawn tomorrow.